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Shaping a decoupled atmospheric pressure microwave plasma with antenna structures, Maxwell’s equations, and boundary conditions

  • This article addresses the need for an innovative technique in plasma shaping, utilizing antenna structures, Maxwell’s laws, and boundary conditions within a shielded environment. The motivation lies in exploring a novel approach to efficiently generate high-energy density plasma with potential applications across various fields. Implemented in an E01 circular cavity resonator, the proposed method involves the use of an impedance and field matching device with a coaxial connector and a specially optimized monopole antenna. This setup feeds a low-loss cavity resonator, resulting in a high-energy density air plasma with a surface temperature exceeding 3500 o C, achieved with a minimal power input of 80 W. The argon plasma, resembling the shape of a simple monopole antenna with modeled complex dielectric values, offers a more energy-efficient alternative compared to traditional, power-intensive plasma shaping methods. Simulations using a commercial electromagnetic (EM) solver validate the design’s effectiveness, while experimental validation underscores the method’s feasibility and practical implementation. Analyzing various parameters in an argon atmosphere, including hot S -parameters and plasma beam images, the results demonstrate the successful application of this technique, suggesting its potential in coating, furnace technology, fusion, and spectroscopy applications.

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Author:Samat TurdumamatovORCiD, Aljoscha Belda, Holger HeuermannORCiD
ISSN:0093-3813 (Print)
ISSN:1939-9375 (Online)
Parent Title (English):IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science
Document Type:Article
Year of Completion:2024
Date of first Publication:2024/04/08
Date of the Publication (Server):2024/04/11
Tag:3-D printing; Furnace; Fusion; Hot S-parameter; Mode converter
Issue:Early Access
First Page:1
Last Page:9
Institutes:FH Aachen / Fachbereich Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik
collections:Verlag / IEEE