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Performance data of an ice-melting probe from field tests in two different ice environments

  • This dataset was acquired at field tests of the steerable ice-melting probe "EnEx-IceMole" (Dachwald et al., 2014). A field test in summer 2014 was used to test the melting probe's system, before the probe was shipped to Antarctica, where, in international cooperation with the MIDGE project, the objective of a sampling mission in the southern hemisphere summer 2014/2015 was to return a clean englacial sample from the subglacial brine reservoir supplying the Blood Falls at Taylor Glacier (Badgeley et al., 2017, German et al., 2021). The standardized log-files generated by the IceMole during melting operation include more than 100 operational parameters, housekeeping information, and error states, which are reported to the base station in intervals of 4 s. Occasional packet loss in data transmission resulted in a sparse number of increased sampling intervals, which where compensated for by linear interpolation during post processing. The presented dataset is based on a subset of this data: The penetration distance is calculated based on the ice screw drive encoder signal, providing the rate of rotation, and the screw's thread pitch. The melting speed is calculated from the same data, assuming the rate of rotation to be constant over one sampling interval. The contact force is calculated from the longitudinal screw force, which es measured by strain gauges. The used heating power is calculated from binary states of all heating elements, which can only be either switched on or off. Temperatures are measured at each heating element and averaged for three zones (melting head, side-wall heaters and back-plate heaters).

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Author:Marco Feldmann, Gero Francke, Clemes Espe, Qian Chen, Fabian BaaderORCiD, Marc S. Boxberg, Anna-Marie Sustrate, Julia Kowalski, Bernd DachwaldORCiD
Contributor:Jill Mikucki, Slawek Tulaczyk, Erin Pettit, William Berry Lyons
Document Type:Other
Year of Completion:2022
Date of first Publication:2022/12/01
Date of the Publication (Server):2023/11/21
Tag:Analogue Environments; Cryobot; Ice Melting; Icy Moons; Melting Efficiency; Melting Performance; Melting Probe; Ocean Worlds
Forschungsdaten zu "Field-test performance of an ice-melting probe in a terrestrial analogue environment" (
Institutes:FH Aachen / Fachbereich Luft- und Raumfahrttechnik
open_access (DINI-Set):open_access
Licence (German): Creative Commons - Namensnennung